k8s-falco   0  - 
   riyadhalnur   0  - 
   godi   1  - 'Godi' - pillow in Bengali, is a simple but highly opinionated Go server template that you can use to bootstrap your Go web applications and/or use as use the modules in your project as you see fit.
   indore   0  - Repo for organizing the indore nodeschools
   node-lib   0  - Template for Typescript NodeJS modules/libraries
   issuelabeler   15  - A GitHub bot to label issues automatically based on title and body against list of defined labels. System status (
   lambda-twitter-blog-hook   0  - Automagically post to Twitter timeline about new blog post using Go on AWS Lambda.
   split_code_go   0  - This is the demo code for the accompanying blog post on my site
   micro-weather   0  - Retrieve weather and air quality details using the Open Weather and WorldAir Quality Index API.
   micro-github-projects   0  - A micro service to retrieve all public repos for a user. Supports pagination and limits.
   npm-modules-sync   7  - Keep your global NPM packages in sync between machines.
   hyper-flat-2   1  - A Flat theme for HyperTerm
   mongoose-algolia-index   5  - Mongoose plugin to automatically index newly created documents for Algolia
   algolia-mongo-mongoose   1  - Demo code demonstrating how to index data stored in MongoDB with Algolia
   news-cli   4  - Read the top/latest news from 24+ sources in your CLI. Powered by
   ghost-material-theme   6  - Blog theme for Ghost based on Material Design Language by Google
   formcraft-serialkey   1  - Add a serial key validator to your FormCraft forms.
   slack-bot   0  - Slack bot that checks uptime status for an app
   quote-cli   61  - Get a random quote or the quote of the day in your CLI
   weather-cli   69  - Check the weather for your city from your terminal
   C-codes   0  - Some of the C codes I've written when I was learning it
   C-plusplus-codes   0  - Some of the C++ codes I've written when I was learning it
   node-force-secure-redirect   5  - Force all incoming HTTP connections to be redirected to secure (HTTPS) version of your express app
   swear_word_generator   0  - Generate random swear words, just cause
   PM2-Snippets   1  - PM2 (the process manager) snippets for Sublime Text
   lodash-array-mixins   0  - A collection of lodash mixins to do fancy stuff with Arrays
   angular-materialPreloader   5  - An Angular directive based on the jQuery plugin that recreates the Material Design pre-loader (as seen on inbox).
   node-base64-image   121  - Download images from remote URLs or use local images and encode/decode them to Base64 string or Buffer object
   excelbuilderjs-node   7  - A Node wrapper library for the excelbuilderjs library
   mongoose-softdelete   34  - Soft delete MongoDB documents
   user-avatar-wp   4  - Shortcode to display user avatar anywhere in WordPress.
   wp_custom_functions   0  - Useful custom functions for WP themes
   LM35_library_for_Arduino   3  - Library for Arduino to interface the LM35 Temperature sensor with Arduino