3 Things to Remember When Dating a Programmer

November 24, 2013   


Face it ladies. Nerd is the new sexy! These few pointers will hopefully help women in keeping their patience when dating a programmer. It's not really our fault. We just love what we do!

  • We phase out
    You might think we are not interested to talk most of the time but actually we are just thinking of how to solve a coding problem. Very rarely will you see us taking a load off and enjoying the moment but even then we will take a few minutes to get our head around a problem.

  • Our machines are important
    Our PCs, laptops, tablets and phones are very important to us. This is where we do all our cool stuff after all. I am going to save you the trouble and just tell you that you are not going to like the answer when you ask us if you are more important than a machine.

  • We like buying things…
    It's true. We do like buying things but for our gadgets. Every cool piece of accessory is a necessity and we are happy to dish out insane amounts of money to be the first to get them. Diamonds for the lady? No, that isn't happening any time soon!
    There you have it. A few basic pointers when you are dating a programmer. I know there are tons of more stuff I can write about but I'm gonna save myself the wrath of the opposite sex. I will now go and hide in the corner for a few days.

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